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Telescopic Shock Absorber Working Pdf. Rod G is attached to a 2 way valve A. Upper eye is attached to the axle and lower to the chassis frame.

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However for competition use many regulations do not allow this conversion. A shock absorber is a mechanical device which is used to eliminate or damp sudden shock waves in a system. The fluid will now pass through the outer ring of hole in the piston by lifting the top disc against the disc spring.

Not all shock absorber features a coil spring in its parts.

They are 2 types viz. In the frequency range up to 20 Hz it has a fundamental role in damping the oscillations generated by the road unevenness. Peak Velocity at A Constant Frequency of 20 Hz 14 22 MR Effects 18 23 Velocity Profiles across the Annular Duct 18 24 Illustration of. In this only hydraulic oil is used.