Suspension Shock Absorber Replacement Cost

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Suspension Shock Absorber Replacement Cost. We stated at the top of this article that many shock absorber manufacturers recommend replacing your factory OE shocks at 50000 miles. However keep in mind that this can vary depending on the type of vehicle suspension you have and your location.

How Long Does A Shock Absorber Last Yourmechanic Advice
How Long Does A Shock Absorber Last Yourmechanic Advice from

The total price can range from 150 to 650. We fit more 4x4 tyres than any other fitment centre in South Africa which also means that were fitting 4x4 shock absorbers almost as quickly. While its not impossible to have worn-out shocks at that point our experience is that it is highly unlikely.

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Boge shock absorbers at Kwik Fit. Heres what we found when it comes to shock absorber replacement. How Much Would It Cost to Replace Your Shocks and Struts. The average cost to replace shocks and struts varies depending on a lot of factors but typically range between less than 150 and 400 for the low-end vehicles and between 400 and 3000 or more for the high-end models.